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Fobes: Enquiring Tecchies Wanna Know!

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It used to be "Enquiring Minds Wanna Know" was the mantra inserted into every National Enquirer commercial ad.  But it would be well placed in some of the leading tech journals and websites as a promotion for Forbes magazine following one of the fluffliest and sensationalistic accounts of life at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond this past week….
It’s all the stuff of a soap opera – and we’ve seen nothing like it since Sun Microsystesms sued Microsoft over alleged violations of an agreement concerning use of the Java platform in Microsoft products.  This time it’s Microsoft doing the suing – following a number of defections to Internet giant Google amidst a game of "he said, she said" in a courtroom drama that is anything but "civil".
Do we need to dwell on such things?  Maybe this is just the product of today’s media contuing it’s nutty, balkanistic rampage thorugh every aspect of our lives trying to make a buck off sewing dischord, but I’m hoping if there’s any element in society that can rise above such things – it’ll be the bright minds in the tech sector to do it.
Of coruse…the other possibilty is that techno-bigotry is just so sexy Forbes knows just how to make a buck off us suckers for this stuff too…
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