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CBC Lockout Ending…

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Well it’s finally ending – the union membership has finally voted overwhelmingly in favour of fthe new negotiated agreement.


I’m still at a loss to understand the employee’s rationale thugh.  Their union capitulated on virtually every one of its original demands and I’ve seen no news coverage highlighting anything gained.  The so-called "cap on contract workers" is set to 9.5% of the total workforce, which is a far-cry from the original 0% demanded by the union, after all.  And it’s pretty doubtful the CBC ever had any intention of hiring more than 10% of its workforce on contract in any event.


CBC News: CBC lockout to end as employees accept tentative deal

During the lockout I personall switched my radio coverage to Ottawa’s only surviving AM talk radio station: CFRA, which is owned by the same crowd that runs Ottawa’s "A-Channel" network.  (It seems every city in Canada has one of these AM talk radio stations left: in my home city of Winniepg, it’s CJOB.)  Anyway, I have to say I enjoyed it’s morning "drive-in to work" coverage; occasionally figures on the federal political scene would be guests and could give some interesting insights into how the country is run.  And then there’s always Ottawa’s Lowell Green who’s right-leaning political swagger is entertaining, when it’s not just plain crazy-talk.  The guy is cemented in a lot of his views, but it was particularly entertaining to listen to him do a complete "180" on the subject of the Governor General appointment in the weeks during the CBC lockout.

Green, a vocal critic of social policy (coming as he is from an extreme right-wing political stripe), first was downright ascebic in his characterizations of Mme. Michelle-Jean’s appointment.  However, her inaugural speech was cricial of the notion of "deux nations" or two solitudes which has so frequently been used to characterize Canada’s nature and Green latched onto  this as being a right-wing ideal in broadcasts following.  Suddenly, he was no longer chanting "down with the Quebec-spearatists sympathizer" and instead adopted the mantra "give her a chance".

The flip-flop didn’t seem to phase listerners to Green’s phone-in program at all either.  They appear to believe pretty much anything he tells them to.  (Perhaps that’s only perception though, because he’s often quite ready to ridicule or cut off those who dare to disagree.)  But I couldn’t help but notice the change, the GG seems to have won approval so long as she holds to a "Convservative" theme.  Unforutnately, many social ideals don’t win the branding of "Conservative", such as valid, well-supported arguments concerning public health – like Ottawa’s needle-exchange program for drug addicts or other measures undertaken by the city’s public health department.  And when confronted with supporting research by e-mail (like stuff I sent him on one occastion) he ignores it and instead turns to the one lone study he was able to find contradicting the more widely accepted findings embraced by the city.

Ah well, it’s entertaining to listen to him prattle on nonetheless.  But it’ll be good to get back to the more wholesome (if occasionally flakier) CBC.  And my apologies to colleagues on my project who’ve been dreading this day for a while now as I came in many mornings with a Green-inspired topic at the ready to bandy about while working over the course of the day.  For what it’s worth, I’m sure we’ll still have plenty news-related stuff to talk about; and after all I always get more out of chatting with colleagues than listening to CFRA’s ranking wing-nut anyway. 😉

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