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Bill C-60: An Act to Line the Pockets of the Recording Industry at the Expense of Fudamental Justice and Reason

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"The U.S. aside, the Canadian government is showing it isn’t all that savvy with copyright issues online, either. Last month, the government introduced Bill C-60, an amendment to the Copyright Act that is neither fair nor reasonable to users or the public at large.
Greg Hughes, Freelance Technology Journalist

Browsing is something I don’t have a lot of time for, these days.  You might think otherwise reading through the articles here, mind you.  But thanks to the Google Sidebar, I’m able to use up virtually every pixel on my screen at work with either my development environment (Microsoft Visual Studio 2003) and other work-related applications…at least most of the time. 😉  But tonight I took a moment or two to browse through some of the "in-depth" content on the CBC website and caught myself up in a columnist’s well-worded rant who shares my views (as expressed hereabouts frequently) on the issue of P2P file sharing and the impact legislation before the Canadian Parliament will have on anyone who uses a computer in Canada for any reason.  And if you think this doesn’t apply to you or your kids – think again.

This fellow (named Greg Hughes) expresses a number of points in his article that summarizes the concerns I’ve shared here, and raises a couple I hadn’t thought of: the issue of how the proposed law will impact education, for example.  Nobody I’ve seen pay this issue any time or attention has raised this point and Hugues’ concerns are quite legitimate.  He’s probably a father; whereas I don’t have any kids to worry about.  But I’d be really pissed if somone tried to tell me that I’d have to pay extra not only what’s tantamount to yet another unnecessary, predatory tax by the feds – but that I’d be whacked again because copyright holders would still have the clout of law, fines and the like to nail me again were I to unwarily download educational material for my children.  Short of that, I’ll be faced with waiting lists at public libraries or college outlets for materials that don’t exist today.  C-60 offers no exemptions for information access – it’s a blanket defence, largely for not recording artists -but recording companies who see the Internet as a threat to their revenue streams.
And it doesn’t have to be this way.
Hughes outlines a number of alternatives, publicly addressed in his column and elsewhere.  I’ve cited a few here and there are many more.
One final note I should add – and I don’t know if I’ve stated this outright here before, but it’s my blog so I’ll do it now. :p  Like Huges, I’m no advocate of piracy.  I just think the recording industry has been, frankly, lazy beyond all reason.  These business people who contribute little and essentially leech of the successes of those with real talent have got to break out of the fat, unyielding mould they’ve poured themselves into and embrace the singular real change that’s confronted their industry in the last 30 years.  Innovate or die.
And stop dwelling on the fantasy that in the end you’ll end up changing the rest of the world to suit you.  We’re online – we want our entertainment here.  You’re not going change the demand (nor the accessiblily of it online substnatially) so do what you should have been doing 5 years ago now and make it easier for the public to get what it wants, when it wants it.
Then you needn’t fear the Internet anymore.
In fact, if you work in the entertainment industry and would like to know how to go about doing this, I’d be happy to dedicate my skills to your cause.  (And I think you’ll find the price far more reasonable than trying to litigate your traditional revenue streams back.)
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