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Sony Under Seige: Story of Zealot Copyright Holders Gone Wild

10-Nov-05 11:02 pm EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

Two causes worth hearing about tonight; first Sony is finally getting the boots put to it by those whom it victimized in what’s perhaps the sorriest display of naked avarice to hit the Internet since child porn.


Security Fix – Brian Krebs on Computer and Internet Security – $washingtonpost.com$

A class action lawsuit is just what the doctor ordered in this situation — and a few with the determination and laudible moral conscience to do just that have taken Sony to court.  Now those who hypocritically invoke the law on the one hand to defend their tenuous claim on property rights will find themselves rightously pounded with the other in reminder there are limits as to just how far they can go to gouge the market.

Finally it seems that they won’t be able to simply sue college students with impunity, attacking those least well equipped to defend themselves from their collective  hideout in the margins of business ethics.  Go get ’em guys!

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