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Phillip Currie, Adopted in 1970, Seeks Parents….

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I was watching Desperate Housewives this past week (yes, I admit I watch it – a girl friend got me into the program last season and I haven’t been able to stop)and one of the lead characters found out she had a parent perviously unknown to her.  As an adoptee myself, I’ve often wondered what it might be like to meet my parents — especially my father.  Unfortunately, I have very little information about my birth-family.  In Manitoba (where I was born) the laws are still somewhat…conservative.  And they’re geared toward protecting the parents – not the child.  As such, I can’t find out anything about my family legitimately.  An adoption group found out a fair bit about my mother’s family for me while I was in University, but I’ve learned nothing since.
Obviously, my mother (Barbara Currie would be her maiden name) knows I exist.  And through that adoption group I was in contact with at the University, I discovered I have an uncle – Ron Currie.  The birth certificate had my family name blacked out: readable through the ink as "Currie".  If anyone out there by chance can piece this scant information together and get me more details about these people, I’d be very grateful.  The adoption occurred in 1970 or 1971.  (And a high school picture I located about Ron Currie who went to a highschool in the St. Boniface neighborhood of Winnipeg, Manitoba looks astonishingly like me….it’s really quite scary.)
Other family details I’ve acquired include:
  • The Currie family lived in Winnipeg’s St. Boniface area in 1970-71,
  • my father may not know I exist; and I don’t have any data on him,
  • for some reason, the researcher seemed to think the Currie family was somehow involved with the railway, and
  • the Curries may have moved away from Winnipeg shortly after the adoption, settling elsewhere in Canada or peerhaps the United States.
Furthermore, I offer this as an open note to a possible family member: I’m told there’s often a lot of worry amongst those who’ve put children up for adoption about meeting their children years afterward.  Mostly what I have are questions; and while open to cultivating a new relatinoship with just about anyone – birth-relative or not – if no interest in prolonged contact exists, be assured that I’d be satisfied with a single opportunity to chat or meet.  I’m perfectly willing to respect the wishes of anyone finding themselves as my parent – whatever they may be.
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  1. Elle
    06-Jan-17 07:38 am EDT at 07:38 am EDT

    Hoping you still have access to this page/e-mail. I’m from Australia, but hear me out; my grandmother’s maiden name is Currie, and we have cousins in Canada. I’ve never met them, but my grandmother still visits them every few years or so, and I *think* maybe the cousin she visits is called Auntie Barb (though again, I’ve never met the Canadian cousins). Ron/Ronald and Barbara are common names in that branch of my family tree. It’s probably nothing, so don’t get your hopes up, but feel free to contact me and I can put you in touch with my mother who knows more about this sort of thing. If not, I wish you good luck with your search.


    • 06-Jan-17 07:27 pm EDT at 07:27 pm EDT

      Please send me a message using the web form under the “Contact Us” tab at http://www.apprefactory.ca/Home/About. Leaving my direct e-mail here would simply yield a bunch of spam, I’m relatively sure….but if you use the web form, I’m the only one who processes the mail sent through it. Leave me your particulars (even just an email address) using the prompt and I’ll be in touch further. Perhaps you use Skype?

      Thanks for reaching out!!! Very much appreciated…..


  2. Erika
    12-Dec-05 03:20 pm EDT at 03:20 pm EDT

    there are so many web sites and links that can help you.you can also look thru the governments records too.www.adoptioncanada.net good luck in your search,Erika


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