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Well it seems there areas yet a few issues with MSN Spaces when using non-IE browsers (i.e. browsers other than Internet Explorer).  Some few, most recently my Father, have complained about using Mozilla Firefox and not getting the "right column"correctly presented…it seems it overlapped text on the main part of the blog.  Although UI practices (as I understand them – from such places as Human Factors) might dictate placement on the right for secondary, less important elements; I’ve redone the site so that the Spaces templates present the text correctly in all tested browsers.  These are, for the record:

One might also noe I’ve added some advertising elements.  Yes, this makes money, but whatever – there may well be books, magazines and who-knows-what-else of interest presented as well; I’ve selected ads that are pertinent to computers and information technology just for those who’re most likely to visit here.  For some reason, it also makes this place look a lot more "professional", which is probably a sad testament to the state of the Internet.  And lastly, yes I make a penny or two if you click the links so if you choose to do so from here – you have my thanks for that.

(Incidentally, for non-premium MSN subscribers like me, pasting these ad links in here from time to time sure isn’t very easy.  If you get broken links that look like they should be ads….blame Microsoft.) 


It should be noted too that these changes were made in part to make the lives of people using non-Microsoft browsers easier.  It appears Mozilla Firefox has lingering issues with MSN Spaces, over which there is debate about whom is responsible for the trouble:



using Firefox browser on msn spaces
{parts omitted}

it’s not the only browser i use . i do still use I.E. sometimes ( spaces has been designed to dove-tail perfectly with I.E. ) and i also use Avant browser which is like a multi tabbed version of I.E. . each has it’s own advantages and disadvantages . i know Firefox doesn’t work perfectly with msn spaces so I’ve found workarounds where possible . i’m going to cover the advantages / workarounds in turn below .

The remainder of the article cited above outlines the troubles in more detail. It is linked here for your own review, if interested. (The guy’s site is pretty cool and is obviously the product of features which become available if one pays their Premium membership fee, which I’m too cheap to. )  Suffice it to say that, despite being a pro-Firefox nut, Firefox doesn’t even load his site properly.  Ignore the part of the article where it says MSN Spaces is better-used from within Firefox; clearly that’s a bunch o’ crap.

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  1. Ross
    16-Apr-06 07:57 pm EDT at 07:57 pm EDT

    Ya know…somtimes one need only do more than one quick search to find what they\’re looking for.  Didn\’t find the WMP powertoy searching on Yahoo! search for some reason, but it came up in Google no problem.  And I didn\’t konw what the other powertoy you were using was called, but thanks for that.  I was already well-acquainted with the Tweak UI powertoy which is out there too; got told about that via an MSDN Flash article I think….
    Anyway – thanks for the tips!  Somtimes, even a so-called expert (like me) can use a pointer in the right direction. 😉


  2. monty
    16-Apr-06 06:18 pm EDT at 06:18 pm EDT

    Ross, I imagine you know a lot more about html than me. To get the "bits" I have ;- install Windows Media Player powertoy- install html sandbox powertoy To make it more interesting for you I won\’t tell you any more than that. Review my source code and you\’ll see what I\’ve done.


  3. Ross
    16-Apr-06 06:12 pm EDT at 06:12 pm EDT

    First – thanks for the benefit of that reply! Appreciate the time taken to respond, as always.
    Am intrigued by some of the stuff on your site – will have to reserach and see if I can\’t get some of those features running on MSN…am especially interested in the WMP element you added and hope I\’ve found the right powertoy for my pruposes…
    Anyway, Blogger probably makes more sense for ya because as I mentioned earlier some of the items on your MSN Spaces site don\’t work for me in either IE or Firefox.  Am curious though whether Blogger will let you do everything you\’re doing here?  Perhaps you can comment in a more detailed way on that too if you get a chance & happen back this way to read my response. 😉  MSN Spaces seems to strip out a lot of HTML tags one might use for customization purposes, I\’ve discovered.


  4. monty
    16-Apr-06 05:06 pm EDT at 05:06 pm EDT

    …I didn\’t actually use the phrase "MSN Spaces is better used within Firefox". What I said was that there are several advantages to using Firefox (and then listed them) the principal advantage being that it\’s multi-tabbed, the add on extensions (like Signature which I use for storing log-in details to save typing, and Spellbound – a spell-checker tool which can be used in blog entries and comment boxes). It is however my preference to use Spaces from within Firefox but you\’d need to be familiar with using some of the extensions to discover that for yourself.Since writing that, and other entries on using Firefox with MSN Spaces,  Spaces has been upgraded several times, each causing it\’s own new problems for non IE users and at the same time sometimes making things easier. From what I\’ve seen of beta IE7 it takes Space integration a few levels further with RSS feeds etc. and it\’s multi-tabbed.Some new developments for Spaces must be about to be launched as I\’ve seen various Spaces pages load with overlapping text to the right culminating in this eventually happening to my Space at the end of last week although this is possibly due to a new version of Firefox being released 1.502. I haven\’t attempted to re-install 1.501 to see if this was the culprit.Spaces features like the Media Player powertoy can be made to work using a Firefox extension called IE Tab – link on my Space.Like you I am not a Premium MSN user (I\’m waaaay too cheap) so the add-ons I\’ve got on my Space (like the RSS feed link, local time clock and "trick" profile are available to anyone, whether IE users or even Firefox users with a little HTML jiggery pokery.I\’m currently moving to Blogger for several reasons…- anyone can comment- more customisation- flash animations can be incorporated- seems more stableWhen IE7 launches I imagine support for new features will be sparse for non IE browsers and as some problems still exist for Firefox users since the last Spaces upgrade that included some patches for Firefox users (even after I let Mike Torres know about them ; like the annoying need to open a new tab from the context menu rather than a mouse click) I think non IE users\’ might be better served elsewhere.I\’ll leave my Space up for a while yet to see what develops.


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