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“Microsoft is Dead”

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Slashdot | Is Microsoft Silent Before a Deadly Storm?

It’s like the crazy person on the streetcorner wearing a sign saying "The End Is Near" and shouting "Repent!".  How many times I’ve heard this predicted and yet never seen it come to pass.  Yet one can only admire the perserverence of some in our industry who refuse, despite those who’ve gone before saying "Microsoft is soon to be topped by [fill in the blank]."

And the latest incarnation of this prophecy is Google.  So powerful is this idea that when somone breaks ranks to say actually things are the other way around – Slashdot fills up with a litany of responses saying it ain’t so – that it can’t be so!  …because it’s never happened before.  Right?

I just don’t get it.  And maybe that’s some kind of testament to how bad with people I am.  But I see it as acknowledging my limitations.  Because to me it’s got to be pretty damned obvious that Microsoft is about as far away as any company can be from "death" as can be in our system of economics.  And still there they are – the Slashdotters with their mantra to those of us who’ve invested so much in Microsoft: "Repent!"

An interesting article though.  I’m not sure Microsoft is poised to lead any revolutions either.  It could be.  It does happen from time to time; but I think they’re doing okay regardless.  And if and when the signs really do start pointing to the triumph of Java, Delphi or Cobol over Visual Basic and C#, well I’ll only be too happy to eat crow.  Because there’s just nothing I can see in anything said on Slashdot that seems to broker the reasonable likelihood I’ll be adding corvine poultry to the menu anytime soon….

  1. Ross
    24-Apr-06 07:26 pm EDT at 07:26 pm EDT

    Respectfully, I think OpenOffice has a little ways to go before it can claim to be a "ferrari"-class replacement for MS Word.  Particularly when it comes to the API-side of things.Having done some work with the OpenOffice API myself, I found it a crude and cumbersome experience compared with the evolved "RAD" features of MS Office VBA.  And I\’m not just talking about one developer\’s familiarity with VBA, per se – although it would be valid to point out that\’s my technical strength when compared with OpenOffice.  But the API extended by OpenOffice doesn\’t yet give me easy access to the top-10 tasks I\’d want to do, say with OO Writer from the API.  If I want to build a form to step through and replace text within a document; the feature set I\’m looking at using with OpenOfice can\’t but help result in a longer cycle of developemnt when compared with doing the same thing in MS Office.So there\’s still some evolution on that front at least before I\’d equate it with Microsoft\’s offering.  Having said that; it\’s an impressive suite, given how far it\’s come to catch up with MS Office in a very short time and I suspect we\’ll see an evolved, Java-centered API with full VBA-like featuers for data access faciliatation and all the other fixin\’s in the not-too-distant future.Incidentally, my work with OpenOffice also entailed accessing document some of the content through a third-party .NET/COM+ gateway to UNO, which was intriguing.  Indeed, if memory serves, at least one oft he UNO classes was COM-ready which means one could leverage parts of the UNO API from C# or VB.NET.  Cool stuff — hopefully, more is done to extend UNO to the .NET universe as readily as the Java universe.  I think it\’d be a bright move for Sun & the OpenOfffice model.


  2. Mark
    24-Apr-06 02:42 pm EDT at 02:42 pm EDT

    I for one, think it will come full circle to the Microsoft VS. Apple… remember that back in the early 90\’s?  By all accounts, OS X is far superior in usability than any version of Windows.  Now that Mac\’s are suddenly tri-bootable (Windows, OS X, Linux), they are becoming more palettable for real people, instead of just graphics wienies.   If Apple can drop its price point on the hardware (and not even by all that much), they could be looking at a huge ground swell of companies and average joes willing to adopt.  The latest version of OpenOffice (2.0+)  has somehow miraculously transitioned beyond the threshold of clunky bare bones Pinto to a complete MS Word-replacement Ferrari.  Firefox rox… aside from games, there\’s little on the application front locking people into Windoze these days.
    Apple is where I\’d invest my money for the next couple years at least.


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