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isoHunt Return Imminent

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Let me begin this article with a couple corrections from earlier reports:

  • It was reported here earlier that isoHunt‘s ISP was a company called "Server4You.net".  That, in fact, was not correct.  A review of recent ARIN change notices reveals it was another company called "SkyRiver.net".
  • isoHunt’s collocation (colo) premises were, in fact, not in Canada as earlier reported.  It’s current colo is in Canada, but it had been operating on a server farm somewhere in the U.S.  (This, from sources close to isoHunt management.)

Update, Jan. 18

13:26 PST – SecretSquirrel

We’ve got our data in Canada, we’re working on bringing the site back online. Hopefully we’ll be done Real Soon Now.

22:02 PST – IH

Had to fight with hardware quirks, like on our shiny Raid array in the new database. It’s screaming fast now, just the software remains to be setup across the cluster.

To those that asked, this move is a large upgrade in hardware, bandwidth and re-doing our infrastructure better based on past mistakes. So it’s taking longer than just throwing up servers would have. (well, we threw up this server in an hour) Tomorrow is most likely when we will restore all services.

— Final portion of service message currently displayed on isoHunt.com website.

This last point is sort of important because the U.S. has much stricter regulations concerning P2P website operations and isoHunt’s pending MPAA litigation may have made it incumbent on the American ISP to ignore the fact the site’s ownership was Canadian.  It would be, regardless, quite unprofessional of the U.S. ISP to simply cut services without notice even were it under a "cease and desist" order.  In the absence of a formal court order to terminate the service, a utility like an ISP – in my view – has an obligation to allow a customer to make alternate arrangements when making a business decision which will affect or inconvenience a client and/or its customers (or users).

And now to current events….isoHunt is expected back quite soon, to the delight of virtually everyone on IRC channel #isoHunt (irc://irc.p2p-irc.net/isoHunt, for those vieiwng this article on the Spaces website); the file sharing site will be back up again very soon – and this time with a Canadian colo.  Bound by Canadian law, it’s quite likely the MPAA will have a lot more trouble getting the plug pulled since in our jurisdiction, there are – as yet- no laws compulsorily making such sights illegal.  Indeed, there has just started to be some degree of media coverage within Canada of a proposed law which might make them illegal, but the debate is at the very early stages and many experts are saying that the bill has way too many problems as it’s currently being drafted to become law unedited.  Add to this Canada’s parliament hosts a minority government, and it seems the likelihood of any action being taken on the P2P or file sharing issue is fairly low.

Thus far, despite having previously garnered a surprising amount of media attention, there has yet to be any mainstream media coverage sighted on the outage of isoHunt.com.  This could be due to the focus on just getting the sight back up; or perhaps the story isn’t terribly newsworthy – there are a lot of other important news items affecting an audience larger than technology or P2P enthusiasts.  And, with little or no direct comment from any of the players involved; there might not be enough source material to complete a solid story.  The ISPs involved are either declining comment or simply aren’t available.  isoHunt sources won’t name their ISPs (former or current) directly, and few additional comments on the technical aspects of the outage are being provided at this time beyond what appears at the isoHunt.com website.

More developments on this story will, nevertheless, win my comment and ongoing attention….  I’ll scoop ’em all! 😉

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