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Conservative Lies Mount

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I have to wonder if it’s my traditionally Liberal political leanings that has me thinking this way – but although I felt I had to lodge a protest vote last election in the wake of the sponsorship scandal – I find myself starting to regret having not voted even for a party tarnished by stains of past corruption.  Despite their best efforts, the Conservatives; with their pre-election attack ads, their rhetoric and fillibuster tactics in parliamentary committees have got to be eroding their support.  And if it’s not these items which fly in the face of their supposed grassroots origins as a party of reform, there’s fundamental disagreement about policy – about their environmental plan (or lack of one), their lack of support for war veterans’ families following service or fatality of those who’ve served overseas.  And, of course, there’s still the lurking bill C-60…the parliemntary time bomb which threatens to send Canada back to the proverbial stone age in creating new laws to deal with Internet media piracy.

The latest polls are inconclusive…and to my astonishment there just hasn’t been the dip in popularity for the minority government one might expect under the circumstances.  My best guess is that Canadians just aren’t paying attention either because summer looms and nobody’s interested in politics right now (unless you’re a long-time political hack like me) or just because we’ve had too many elections lately and people are genuinely fed up with paying attention to political issues.

I really, really hope there’s a turnaround in this trend before long, though.  I can’t imagine my fellow countrymen actually supporting a party that wants to adopt the policies suggested by an organization like the RIAA (or RIAC – the recording industry’s lobbying body in Canada), or supporting a government that turns to slander to win votes, or a party that won on a platform of being a new truth-telling entity in politics – but which has proven very adept at breaking campaign promises with far greater consistency than the Liberals ever did – scandal or no.  I’d imagine I could become part of that big apathetic mass pretty quickly if they did somehow win the next election…and I’d never have thought that possible.

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