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Homeland Insecurity: Napolitano Needs to Enrol in “Borders 1001”?

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Janet Napolitano, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security; sees a history of terrorists entering the United States from Canada, despite any substantial evidence.
(Photo source: Wikipedia Commons)


although Barack Obama has, himself, been extremely popular; his genuine charm and charisma has carried his approval ratings to historic highs, the folks he’s choosing to serve in his cabinet are certainly not winning any popularity  contests.  Former lawyers for the MPAA and RIAA have been appointed to serve the new administration over recent weeks which is raising concerns about the future for individual privacy rights and the extension of copyright law on the Internet.  And now – of particular concern to Canadians – the protectionist, anti-Canadian mood of the United States Congress (and, increasingly, a noticeable constituency within the Democratic Party) has found a yet another champion for its agenda: the new Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano.

Napolitano gave a short interview on the CBC News channel (called CBC Newsworld) tonight during tonight’s airing of The National.  During the segment, Napolitano couldn’t seem to keep her facts straight, remarking that there’d been problems with terrorists entering the United States across the border from Canada – including the 9/11 terrorists and alluding to other cases, despite there only having been 1 publicly-known case, in which Canadian authorities made U.S. authorities aware of the individual in question (an incident culminating in the suspect’s eventual arrest).  When the reporter (Neil Macdonald) raised these points, she responded saying she might not be aware of every individual case, but that she was sure cases of terrorists entering the U.S. from Canada did exist and the U.S. Congress had made a decision to treat Canada’s border exactly the same as Mexico’s.

“The law doesn’t differentiate….Canada is not Mexico,” she conceded. “Nonetheless to the extent terrorists have come into our country – it has been the Canadian border – [and] again, every country is entitled to have a border…  It’s part of sovereignty.”

MacDonald raised the little problem concerning the story about terrorists coming into the U.S. from Canada being a myth, and Napolitano seemed caught completely off-guard.  It was as-if she’d become so used to repeating the same fiction being exchanged on Capitol Hill with protectionist senators and being directly contradicted like this make her ill-prepared to stand by her comment, because she’d never really thought to challenge the myth!

“Well, again, I’m not privileged to say everything that has occurred.  I can’t talk about that.  I can talk about the future.  The borders are going to be equipped with greater technology…it’s not going to be back and forth across the border as if there’s no border anymore.”

          — Janet Napolitano, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, in an interview with CBC News.

“[The Canada/US friendship] could be coming to an end because of these measures.  Ironically, it’s not a victory for those who want to secure the U.S. against terrorism – the cited rationale.  It’s a victory for al-Qaeda…directly because these measures are one of the consequences of 9/11.”

Of course, the facts don’t support this “perception”, but Napolitano doesn’t seem the sort to let the facts get in the way of raising an iron curtain between itself and its ranking ally both in this hemisphere and the world.  This woman hasn’t a clue what the situation is on the Canada / U.S. border, yet appears to have been making it her business to inconvenience millions of people who traverse the border annually by implementing all kinds of new policies.  Policies which have, I believe, a political agenda – one related to punishing Canadian trade, which southern American states have historically regarded as competitive.  Northern American states have been resisting these policies since many rely on trade with Canada; but there’s not enough support at the moment to stop these ill-advised moves.  Indeed, it seems it won’t be long before the formerly largest undefended border in the world is redecorated with barb-wire fencing, concrete watch-towers bristling with spotlights and packs of guard dogs to net all those squads al-Qaeda operatives sneaking into the land of the free and the brave nightly.

Obama could be planting the needs of conflict with Canada, which may be thanks in part to a remarkably stupid move by agents of Canada’s Conservative Party during the U.S. presidential race.  If that’s even part of the reason for the new anti-Canada element within the administration, it’ truly is unfortunate.  The friendship Canada and the United States of America have enjoyed for nearly two centuries – a friendship that has been described as “unlike any other in the world” – could be coming to an end with these measures.  Ironically, it’s not a victory for those who want to secure the U.S. against terrorism – the cited rationale.  It’s a victory for al-Qaeda; since it means that U.S. trusts Canada less (or at least its border with Canada less, which is much the same thing) directly because these measures are one of the consequences of 9/11.

What a shame!  And what a shame that few in the U.S. are going to notice — at least not right away….

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