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World War III: A Theatre of War Takes Shape

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Since Sept. 1, 2001, Iran has been systematically targeted and isolated by the United States; both economically and politically — as part of a larger plan for war that could spread to every corner of the world.

t’s a sad day for me; and yet a day I’ve known with quiet resignation all my life would likely come.  Just as when I saw NCSA Mozilla load on my home computer for the first time in the mid-1990s and knew the Internet would forever after change the world, today I’m able to see with near equal certainty that a large global conflict that will have as much impact on this planet’s destiny as World War II is getting precariously close to beginning.  What clinched this as a certainty rather than a strong suspicion were certain elements of an essay posted to www.globalresearch.ca, an anti-globalization geo-political think tank based in Montreal, QC (Canada).

The essay, entitled “Preparing for World War III, Targeting Iran” lays out an extremely persuasive case for a clandestine American-led build-up of weapons, alliances and orchestrations of “information” which amount to thinly-veiled propaganda designed to manipulate public opinion throughout the American alliance (of which Canada is a hugely-invested part) into supporting war with Iran.  The essay’s author, Michel Chossudovsky, an economics professor at the University of Ottawa (by trade) outlines in summary yet well-sourced fashion various moves by the United States and its allies over the past several years to show that there is a strategy of encirclement, now virtually completed, coupled with a number of key developments on the mid-East diplomatic front which culminate in the isolation of Iran from its historic partners, Russia and China.  He outlines the the players, where they’re located and what the likely opening scenarios of the conflict will involve very convincingly.

Where there is room for disagreement with Chossudovsky is on his analysis of the motives of the players.  Now before I go too far in attacking this part of his thesis, I should say, in his defense, the essay was clearly a summary work and not a WikiLeaks-style blueprint for the invasion of Iran.  He’s clearly a man convinced of the overwhelmingly odious motives of the American alliance; citing the favourite theme of plundering natural resources of foreign countries to ensure a continued supply given the United States’ own dwindling reserves.  And although mention is given to Russian and Chinese interests being contested in the ensuing conflict; he even concedes that their reluctant support of recent UN resolutions erodes their own prestige:

“[China & Russia’s] decision within the UNSC contributes to weakening their own military alliance, the Shanghai  Cooperation organization (SCO), in which Iran has observer status.”
          — Michel Chossudovsky, “Preparing for World War III,
          Targeting Iran”; August 1, 2010 (Published to:
http://bit.ly/93cUbZ, viewed August 23, 2010)

Unfortunately, he doesn’t delve further (at least in this 1st part of a 2-part essay) into the motives for those forces’ apparent concession to the Americans.  We can certainly assume, charity or a more peace-loving nature had little to do with decision.  One not as well-read on the subject, and being fed a strict diet of western media, might still conclude that such motives may well be economic in nature — and that these same forces may well lead to a conflict of more limited scope than the global thermonuclear destruction being prophesised.

Apart from the flamboyantly anti-American tone of the essay, there’s also a critique (somewhat well-deserved in my view) concerning both a seemingly pacified media and blunted pacifist movement in North America since the election of Barack Obama.  Chossudovsky finds this development strange and weaves it into the narrative of the overall tactical manoeuvring of the Pentagon.  And while there is no doubt, there are some moves by the political and military establishment in the U.S. to control the narrative, one need not look that far back to see how easily that narrative got out of hand and more or less killed the desired end-game by the leadership.  Indeed, that loss of control led to a change of leadership and perhaps key changes in U.S. foreign policy yet to be revealed.  But regardless, the argument that the western media is so tightly controlled has to be regarded with some scepticism since clearly this charge is at least occasionally demonstrably out of touch with the reality on the ground.

Having said that, it is certainly true that the pacifist movement, much as the general public, is far too overly concerned with Afghanistan and the Iraq post-mortem and more attention needs to be paid to the plans the Pentagon has for the world of the next 10-20 years.  Frankly, it’s not a world filled with utopian notions of liberty and democracy for all.  It’s a paranoid world, filled with a multinational security apparatus bent on eroding the illusion of personal privacy to a cruel joke and military preparedness for a war where the opening salvos will include the first deployment of nuclear ordinance since the end of the Second World War.

To put it simply, we all need to wake up and right now….lest we find ourselves waking up to a nuclear holocaust that snuck up on us, seemingly without warning.

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