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Ten Years After 9/11 Bush Says “Blank Stare” Meant to “Project Calm”

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On September 11, 2001, U.S. President George W. Bush absorbs news of the attacks in New York for the first time.  Many have suggested he was overwhelmed into a state of indecision at the news and should have immediately excused himself from the childrens’ classroom to deal with the emerging crisis.

s the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks approaches, former U.S. President, George W. Bush gives an interview to the National Geographic Channel wherein he maintains his apparent “blank stare” captured on video immediately after being told of the attack on the World Trade Center was actually a deliberate effort to “project calm” amid a developing crisis.  The report of the hour-long interview by Reuters also says Bush will outline his thoughts during those first few minutes following his being told the news, and also discusses his approach toward dealing with the aftermath of the attacks in a very candid way.

According to the report, Bush brought no notes to the interview and responded to questions without apparent preparation.

If true, this piece might actually be worth watching; since one of the main issues many have had with hearing Bush in these kinds of interviews is the very scripted way he has historically responded — ever wary of the political cost of saying the wrong thing.  (And in this, of course, Bush is far from alone.)  But with the length of time that’s now past, there could be a fresh perspective on his mindset and perhaps even an answer to the question about whether he was really “frozen with indecision” immediately after being told of the first attacks in New York.

  1. 16-Aug-11 07:19 pm EDT at 07:19 pm EDT

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  2. 14-Aug-11 09:53 pm EDT at 09:53 pm EDT

    You completed a few good points there. I did a search on the issue and found most folks will agree with your page.


  3. Roger Burke
    30-Jul-11 12:44 pm EDT at 12:44 pm EDT

    Bush is on record for stating (on two separate occasions) that just moments prior to entering the classroom, he saw on live tv, flight 11 slam into the first tower (research it). This was of course an impossibility, because that particular footage was not aired on live tv until several hours later. S what was he talking about? Millions of people would like to know. I believe that 9/11 was an inside job. A false flag operation. We need a new independent investigation into the events surrounding that day. Check out rememberbuilding7.org for more information.


  4. 29-Jul-11 05:01 am EDT at 05:01 am EDT

    Ryan Schultz (on Facebook) writes [29-Jul-2011 ~3:50am EDT/UTC-4]: “Unless he comes clean to the world that he was just another mouthpiece for the global banking cartel, there is nothing he can say that will minimize the blatant positioning he exposed his country to. I WOULD however be satisfied if he got a right proper caning on live television.”

    Banking cartel? If there was a clandestine control exerted over Bush and the decisions he rendered, I doubt very seriously if it were restricted to the financial services industry vertical. I’d be more likely to entertain the idea the most powerful, well-monied lobbies in Washington simply pulled his levers from behind the curtain…with Bush completely oblivious to any of it. I’m equally sure that any initiatives his administration spear-headed – he likely believes were *his* idea to this very day! (This would even include the invasion of Iraq, which led to short-term benefits for a good number of corporations beyond Haliburton.)


  1. 29-Jul-11 10:39 am EDT at 10:39 am EDT

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