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Since you’re here, obviously you want to know about “Ross Holder”.  But this bio is only general background and not intended to cater to any specific purpose.  The reader — especially those reviewing the content as part of an evaluation for IT project work or other resourcing — would be best-served inquiring directly for additional info, if desired (as there is a likelihood it can be made readily available).
An experienced software developer, Ross has been coding professionally since the dawn of the Web. Starting off by doing web pages at a local Internet Service Provider (ISP) in his home city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, his track record is one of building software using the best practices and technologies available. That means keeping a close eye on the tech industry and quickly learning how to apply that knowledge to the fullest effect. With adaptivity to change being central to the career of a successful software developer, being passionate about technology is equally essential as industry-changing innovations appear almost daily. It’s that same passion has driven him to achievements that distinguish his ability to deliver:
  • first to develop a website for a sitting Member of Parliament in Canada (Hon. Reg Alcock, Winnipeg-South),
  • webmaster for the XIIIth Pan-American Games, held in Winnipeg in summer of 1999,
  • have owned/operated own IT consulting and software development company since 2004 (incorporated since 2011),
  • have worked for the largest software companies in both Canada and the US (Cognos Inc. & Microsoft Corp.),
  • written support, Knowledge Base articles for http://support.microsoft.com,
  • was on software development team responsible for creating Microsoft Commerce Server 2009,
  • more recently, was the lead developer responsible for the creation of a multi-tier, case management application (based substantially upon Microsoft Workflow Foundation3.5) for the Canadian Ministry of Justice, Family Orders & Agreements Enforcement Agency, and
  • now working with the Government of Canada as a Software Architect helping create new solutions for different ministries in need of sound planning and advice about the technology implementations.

Originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada), Ross currently resides in Ottawa, ON.  A summary of technical skill sets, and links to sample code and other portfolio elements follow below.  In addition to writing code, Ross enjoys mopeds, motorcycles; cycling, jogging and swimming (as part of his participation in amateur triathlons), and writing.  He retains an interest in classical history (especially of the Roman Empire), philosophy (especially contemporary legal philosophy), and Canadian history.


Microsoft Visual C#/VB.NET, (D)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Silverlight, Microsoft Commerce Server, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, Microsoft Windows Vista & Server 2008 (and earlier versions of Windows), Unified Modeling Language (UML), Windows Live ID & related technologies, MS-DOS Scripting, PowerShell, T-SQL, Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008.

For more information….

You can contact Ross directly using the form below.  (Please be sure to input your email address correctly to ensure a prompt response to your inquiry.)


  1. 29-Nov-20 02:29 pm EST at 02:29 pm EST

    At some point since the last comment was posted, Microsoft decided to disable all public access to calendars. As such, I’ve had to change the publication of my calendar to a new Google-based address, and that process (predictably) filters out all but the detail around time commitments. While this isn’t quite as much control as I’d like to have over the information shared, it is still somewhat useful I believe – and so it is included via the link below:


    Hopefully, the above address will persist a little longer past the publication of this update than the preceding comment.


  2. 23-Nov-20 06:10 pm EST at 06:10 pm EST

    Have been trying to contact you about Oz. Thought you should know.


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  3. 10-Sep-17 10:50 am EDT at 10:50 am EDT

    I just noticed this morning that my personal calendar (indicating time commitments for me — in the rough) had not been published here. So…..

    If you’re looking for my personal day-to-day business calendar, please check it below:


    This URL hasn’t changed in years, but if it ever does I’ll be sure to post it here as well!


  1. 26-Jul-11 06:05 pm EDT at 06:05 pm EDT

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