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White collar slacking: Using technology to fool the boss…

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Sympatico / MSN Digital Home : Living Room : White collar slacking: Using technology to fool the bos

I’ve been told recently by a couple of recruiters and other parties interested in hiring me for I/T projects that they read my blog on a regular basis – much to my astonishment.   So here’s hoping they’ve got as much a sense of humour as I about this item I found on an MSN website this morning…although some of the ideas cited in this title have me wondering how seriously some people might take such ideas.


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A Statistical Proof of God

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Was just listening to CBC Radio One (95.1 MHz,Ottawa, ON, Canada) this afternoon while driving about doing errnads and heard an intriguing interview by the show’s host (Mary Hines, "Tapestry": CBC Radio One Sunday Programming, 07-Aug-2005).  It seems the president of a risk management consulting firm in Columbus, OH, who holds a doctorate in Theoretical Physics and applies related skills in statistical analysis on a more or less daily basis published a book in October 2003 called "The Probability Of God: A Simple Calculation That Proves The Ultimate Truth".  The interview itself discussed the book in some detail, but more interesting for me was the discussion oriented on assumptions and approach to the analysis: for after all statistical analysis is a fairly well-researched field and applying its principles, while at ttimes challenging, is straightforward enough to those like Dr. Unwin whose application of them is routine.  But how does one arrive at a probability for something as abstract and arcane as human faith.
Regardless of what side one is on in the whole "theist vs. athetist" debate, the book sounded fascinating indeed and so has won mention  on my prestigeous, well-trafficed blog.
A review may follow once I have a copy of Dr. Unwin’s analysis and had time to dissect it as best I can wearing my dusty, old Philosophy Scholar’s hat.
Oh yeah – and, strange as this may sound, giving the end up here really isn’t a *SPOILER* IMHO…
Probability of God’s existance given kown factors: 67%, or a ratio of 2:1 favouring God’s existance.
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