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On Joining the “Pork Side”…

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Source: Angry Birds: Star Wars II–Join the Pork Side trailer; Copyright © Rovio Entertainment Ltd., all rights reserved.

n celebration of the Christmas shopping season, might I share with you fine folks something I found especially entertaining this year under the heading of “game software” for the Android, iPhone and PC (which still seems to have some of the gaming audience despite devices taking over everything last year): Angry Birds.

Reminds one of the forthcoming epic movies finishing off the 9-movie Star Wars saga, now projected to open in last 2015.  But next year promises to be another blockbuster for the Star Wars franchise leading up to this next watershed event (simply titled “Episode VII” at the moment.  Stay tuned for more info about all that and more here!


SouthPark S17E04 will not be seen tonight so we can bring you…

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rom user “piccilo72” at



"Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers" was set to air October 16, 2013.[1] South Park episodes are usually produced in only six days and delivered to Comedy Central just hours before airing. However, on October 15, 2013, South Park Studios suffered a power outage, causing the staff’s computers to go down during post-production and leaving the episode incomplete, missing its deadline for the first time in 17 seasons.[2] Series co-creator Trey Parker wrote that "it sucks to miss an air date but after all these years of tempting fate by delivering the show last minute, I guess it was bound to happen."[3] A rerun of the fifth season episode "Scott Tenorman Must Die" was shown in its place, with live tweets accompanying the broadcast.[4]

— quoted from South Park production blog; extra night-vision images of
production studio, taken the night of the outage included.

I guess the producers of South Park have never heard of backup power (a.k.a. “UPS”)?


On Mentoring

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God bless Dilbert!

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UPDATE: Stargate Universe Petition Needs More Support

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SG_U Petition Support.gsheet


n May 7th, I published an article asking for your support with a petition to resurrect the Stargate Universe television series.  Support has been escalating, but too gradually.  As of tonight, the series will not get the 100,000 signatures necessary before production deadlines necessary for next season (the goal will not be achieved until March 12, 2014).

So get your signatures in ASAP!!!

Help Bring Stargate: Universe Back!

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ring back SG:U to the Internet by signing this Netflix petition (see link). Unlike many Internet-based petitions, this one looks like it’s being taken seriously….so if you (like me) want Stargate back – access the SG:U petition on and let your voice be heard!  (Do it anyway for me – ‘cuz there’s a huuuuge vacuum in sci-fi entertainment these days and it will make life suck a lot less for me and a pile of other people! ) | 2011 NHL All-Star Game | What Canadian city most deserves a team?

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o you don’t see many posts from me under the heading “Sports” (actually there’s not enough content here at the moment to justify having a sports category); but as a tenacious Winnipeg ex-patriot, I thought I should make my viewing audience aware of a little poll on CBC Sports’ web site asking Canadians to vote on what city should win the next NHL franchise.  Of course, the only competent argument that can be made in answering this question would favour the resurrection of the Winnipeg Jets — yes long, long before we get around to redressing any plans for the Québec Nordiques.  And since I want to return to Winnipeg at some point in the future and would rather have a city that’s happy and prosperous to live in ahead of one that feels as if the life  had been sucked out of it by a wraith or some other paranormal entity, there’s an element of selfishness in my wanting Winnipeg to once again have attractions (like the Jets) which offer both spectacle and excitement.

So cast your vote without delay!

Vatican “Avatar” Critique Unnerves Neopagans

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Neytiri (Zo Saldana, right) teaches Jake (Sam Worthington) the skills he’ll need to survive as an avatar on the planet Pandora. (Twentieth Century Fox) Source: CBC News, Arts & Entertainment

here was a bit of a stir in Entertainment news last week which I wanted to post a quick article about….  As background, see this report from the CBC covering the Vatican’s reaction to Hollywood’s latest flick blending sci-fi and theology.  Following below is the repost of a comment I filed on the news story (displayed below the article itself; but within the CBC’s cumbersome web interface that makes it impossible to find anything):

I’m a bit surprised the Vatican saw the neopaganism of the Na’vi (the fictional, tribal, alien culture from which some of the film’s lead roles come) – specifically the idea of a spirituality centred on nature – as being the most vulnterable element. Well, actually, the reviewer’s not that far off-target…I would say the easiest criticism one could make isn’t that nature is the subject of the tribe’s woship per se; it’s that they’re given plenty of empirical evidence of an afterlife whereas the leading Terrestrial monotheisms demand "blind" faith.

Indeed, the Na’vi in general were probably far too quick to dimiss humanity’s notions of spirituality and automatically conclude theirs was obviously a superior religion. Of course, one wouldn’t expect to find many grandiose soliloquies exhalting the greatness of humanity while one-dimensional "jar-head", and uniformly psycho representatives of the future’s Military-Industrial Complex rather spitefully went about the business of enthusiatically repeating the mistakes of Columbus, Cortez, and dozens of others from the Euro-American colonial era. But the inability of Earth’s leaders to select competent leadership or learn the lessons of history (even the more obvious ones) doesn’t somehow diminish Earth’s religions. Not even Catholocism, which some Christian churches cite for idolitry, can empirically demonstrate an ability to commune with the dead — nor even demonstrate the Pope’s ability to commune directly with God (i.e. walk out into St. Peter’s square and summon God to appear in person, etc.)

But the Na’vi can! Well, they’re more into ancestor woship….but they have no doubts about an afterlife. They can visit it; touch it and even neurally link with it. Faith really isn’t an issue – it’s missing…

Strangely, the follow-ups to my post pretty much ignored my comments; although I did get 15 approval marks to 1 disapproval mark.  But readers seemed more interested in either thumping their Bibles or defaming the Vatican and its legacy over commenting directly on the substance of the Vatican’s statement.  Remarkable how complicated theology (including atheism) can make the simplest questions….

(My CBC website profile contains an index of my responses to other stories covered by CBC News.)

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