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The Birds Strike Back….

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r perhaps “The Pork Strikes Back” would be a better title.  But whatever you call it, what self-(dis)respecting parody to Star Wars could you have without a sequel even more hilarious than the one before it?  In that spirit, here’s hoping the following brings a bit of Christmas cheer thanks to folks at Rovio:


Source: Angry Birds: Star Wars II–Boba’s Delivery trailer; Copyright © Rovio Entertainment Ltd., all rights reserved.


On Joining the “Pork Side”…

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Source: Angry Birds: Star Wars II–Join the Pork Side trailer; Copyright © Rovio Entertainment Ltd., all rights reserved.

n celebration of the Christmas shopping season, might I share with you fine folks something I found especially entertaining this year under the heading of “game software” for the Android, iPhone and PC (which still seems to have some of the gaming audience despite devices taking over everything last year): Angry Birds.

Reminds one of the forthcoming epic movies finishing off the 9-movie Star Wars saga, now projected to open in last 2015.  But next year promises to be another blockbuster for the Star Wars franchise leading up to this next watershed event (simply titled “Episode VII” at the moment.  Stay tuned for more info about all that and more here!

A Blu-Ray of Hype: Copyright Holders Still Don’t Get It!!!

21-Oct-05 12:19 am EDT Leave a comment
Hate to keep beating a dead horse here, but I continue to be stunned over this.  As we all know (particularly if you’re among the growing throng that seem to have time to read this blog), the issue of how the Movie/Music/Recording industrie(s) have gone about protecting their intellectual property (IP) rights has arisen frequently in the past few months.  Beseiged on all sides by pirates, competitors who use the Internet right and an ever-changing landscape of media delivery devices, lawsuits have become a favourite tool of entertainment producers to defend themselves.  But it seems they’ve dropped the ball again as this week, we’ve started to see a lot of stories and podcasts about a new technology that is supposed to make it next to impossible to violate copyright and save Hollywood from its own hubris: Blu-Ray.
What is Blu-Ray?  Well I ain’t gonna tell u all about it – this is the Internet, after all…but to summarize it’s a technolgy (competing with another touted by Microsoft called HD-DVD) whcih will essentially replace the current DVD standard with a new one that offers slightly better quality & store data more efficiently.  It also offers security features that make unauthorized duplication next to impossible (for the moment) and its gaining a lot of support from big name vendors.
For all the good it’ll do….
As one CNet podcaster put it – so what?  There are a lot of other products currently on the market that do the job Blu-Ray purports to well enough and nobody will adopt it just because a bunch of vendors are pushing it.  (She goes on to cite Beta videocassette tapes as a precedent.)  Add to this that, like Beta, Blu-Ray has direct competition from another vendor-supported standard (HD-DVD) and there’s considerable consumer disincentive to adopt the new technology – at the very least unstil a de-facto standard emerges.
Trouble is…there’s already RAM devices, iPods, wireless technologies, tablet PC, etc., etc., etc. all of which indirectly compete because they deliver content well-enough so nobody will care all that much.  And the net result is: folks in the entertianment biz counting on adding this as some sort of weapon to combat piracy into their arsenal would be wise to forget using it for this purpose…
But will movie and music producers get this message?  Well in the interests of sounding positive for once: we can always hope for change….
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