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Toronto “Cold” Says Coors Ad

18-Aug-09 11:41 pm EDT Leave a comment

Like a number of other Winnipegers who’ve moved “out east” to cities like Ottawa and Toronto (Québec cities are exempt as anyone who’s ever visited Montreal or Québec City will agree), I’ve noticed the people seem much more anxious or “up-tight” in general.  The humour of the general populace seems a bit less laid-back and even less fun-loving.  Certainly, there is a much more conservative attitude shared by people living in the region and, perhaps unexpectedly, they tend to resent the observation.

So it’s not a huge surprise that when Coor’s Beer posted a bulletin board playing on this cultural perception (obviously by western Canadians), suddenly we had a widespread negative reaction from people in Toronto – one group even attempting to organize a boycott on Facebook!  And the irony of so obvious and predictable a response can’t help but bring a smile to non-Torontonians, and us westerners in particular, but – as with any generalization – there are many, many exceptions.  Perhaps more than enough to make Coor’s decision to take the ads down completely understandable….

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Flying High

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The last time I travelled home for Christmas (something I’ll not get to do this year, sadly), I’d intended to travel with a close friend from Winnipeg named Heather.  We got as far as the airport together before Air Canada, which routinely overbooks and shuffles passengers around like baggage decided to split us up & sent her on one flight while I was held back in Ottawa an extra hour.  This, despite our having booked our ticket at least a couple months ahead of time, while passengers that somehow booked that same night manged to get on my flight….
Well, next time I fly – I think I’ll be flying with my new favourite airline: check out their promotional video here.
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A Commute in “Sillicon Valley North”

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As mentioned in article(s) previous – I work in Perth, ON commuting ~3hrs. daily to and from my home in Ottawa.  This morning’s weather in Ottawa offered some pause – as likely do many days ahead during the winter while I continue working on my current contract there:
At the time this photo was taken, there was a nice thin (albeit melting as the morning wore on) film of ice on this road.  This segment of the commute (along Hwy. #417 between Palladium Dr. and Carp Rd. in Kanata, ON) can get particularly treacherous, because routinely traffic piles up just east of here at the intersection of Hwys. #417 & #416.  The result is traffic considerably thicker in both directions than what we’re seeing here; made all the worse by bad weather. 😉
Oddly enoguh, "the 417" as it’s called in these parts is generally in worse shape (from what I’ve seen so far) than Hwy. #7 which exits off this highway to take me to Perth when weather conditions worsen.  Dunno why – they 7’s just waaay less slippery….and it oughtta be the other way around, IMHO.
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Kanata Morning Traffic: Sight Unseen on the Prairies

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I wish I had a cam on my cell phone. Am stuck in Kanata in a line of traffic so big u could see it from orbit…

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Far and wide: Highways 17 & 417 work to change commuter landscape

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CBC Ottawa – Far and wide: Highway 417 work to change commuter landscape

Finally!!!  Not sure I’ll be doing this commute in 2007 myself, but as a commuter currently along both routes cited in the article, gotta say that traffic on both is frequently heavy / crazy at peak times of the day.  And I’m speaking currently as one of the lucky ones that travels westbound (Ottawa to Perth) in the mornings and eastbound (Perth to Ottawa) in the evenings….it’s often bumper-to-bumper the other way around.


Imagine a 2-hr. commute to and from work each day….eech!

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