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Guardian FSD Booster

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We’re Baaaaaack……

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ue to certain issues with the “free” WordPress/IIS host I’d previously been using on and off for the past couple of years, I’ve ended my experimental hosting experience and returned here after all.  A couple of minor articles were deleted — but nothing too critical.

So I’ll resume in the weeks ahead posting here on articles of interest mostly to me, but perhaps to some of you out there as well. 😉  Hope the summer is going well for all!

NASA/JPL’s Mars Curiosity Rover Data: Delivered to Mobile Phones

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ecently, I announced the release of a personal project on my blog – the delivery of ongoing Curiosity Rover data to Windows desktops using Google Earth (in Mars data mode, sometimes referred to as ‘Google Mars’).  Now, it’s possible to deliver this same information to the Apple iPhone and Android smart phone audiences using the Google Earth app for those platoforms.  Insturctions on how to setup the Google Earth app to do that, step-by-step follow below:

How to view Curiosity Rover (MSL) Mars geodata using the Google Earth app on a SmartPhone:

Google Mars Showing Curiosity Rover data from Sol 735

Google Mars Showing Curiosity Rover data from Sol 735

  1. Load the Google Earth app
  2. Select menu icon, top right-hand corner of Google Earth UI
  3. Select ‘Settings’ from pop-up
  4. Scroll down & select ‘Databases’ from Settings menu
  5. Databases menu appears, with “Default” radio button selected.  Select menu icon, top-right-hand corner of UI.
  6. Select ‘Add’ from pop-up
  7. Enter Database URL dialogue box appears.  Enter into the dialogue’s textbox and click ‘OK’.
  8. The database address now appears beneath “Default” in the databases menu with its radio button selected (make sure).
  9. Click the ‘back/return’ button from the phone’s UI (at the bottom, in the Android version).
  10. Google Mars should now be visible.
  11. Return to the smartphone’s browser & visit the Curiosity Rover data page:
  12. Click the entry for the current Sol & select the Google Earth app if/when prompted to select a smart phone app to load the data with.

The Google Earth app should automatically centre Google Mars on the location of the latest data summary.

Step-by-step video: here.

Canadian court forces Google to remove search results worldwide, as fears of “memory hole” grow

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This smacks of “common sense” approaches to the problems endemic to a “right to be forgotten” going totally unheard. Did lawyers really have to be the ones settling this issue? Perhaps this is a good referendum question in local elections coming up over the next few years in nations globally. God forbid we should leave something like this entirely up to the courts to decide.


A Canadian court took the unprecedented step this week of declaring global jurisdiction over Google(s goog) and forcing it to delete search results not just for “” but for “” as well. The move comes as lawmakers in Europe pressure Google to censor more pages under a controversial “right-to-be-forgotten” law, and could accelerate a recent trend of disappearing online information.

In the Canadian case, Google had urged a judge in Vancouver to suspend an earlier ruling that required it to remove any search links related to an e-commerce vendor accused of selling knock-off internet equipment. That ruling, which came out in June and gave Google 14 days to remove the results, is now in force after the judge concluded that applying the worldwide ruling would not create “irreparable harm.”

The ruling already appears to be rippling beyond Canada’s borders. For instance, when I searched in the U.S. for a product called “GW-1000,” Google shows that it has censored at least four webpages:

search results missing

The “we have removed results” notice…

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Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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Iran Election “Free & Fair” Say Callers to Conservative Talk Show

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couldn’t believe my ears driving to work this morning, listening to a morning talk radio show on Ottawa’s CFRA radio.  CFRA’s listener demographic is largely Conservative, which is one of the reasons I was so surprised to hear a number of callers voice support for the Iranian government’s claim that the recent election, which had sparked riots in Terhan and other Iranian cities this past week, were “free and fair”.  This view contradicts reports yesterday that international observers had uncovered evidence of widespread fraud at numerous polls – enough irregularity for these observers to harbour serious doubts concerning the overall result of the election.  In particular one caller cited evidence that the regime hadn’t been toppled yet as evidence that it must have majority support, “else it wouldn’t be in power.”

Sometimes I gotta wonder what people use for brains.  I suppose according to this fellow, we might as well do away with elections in Canada because the government could be changed by means of an armed uprising.  And if such an uprising should fail; well, obviously the majority must want the government to remain unchanged.  Might is, after all, always right, isn’t it?

Even more incredible was the show’s host – whose name wasn’t announced during the time I was listening, unfortunately, seemed unwilling to challenge the caller’s facts or intone a peep of disagreement.  I’m starting to think CFRA takes this Conservative thing a little too far….the word isn’t supposed to mean preserving the status quo at the expense of hundreds or thousands of innocent lives.  Or so I’d thought, anyway.

Even were I willing to concede that the incumbent Iranian president (Ahmadinejad) actually won despite obvious evidence of fraud; no government that sanctions fraud, arrests journalists en masse, or is paranoid enough to blame “the west” in some kind of huge international conspiracy to control its destiny by agitating such a huge segment of its own population – to the point of becoming an enemy of the people it’s supposed to govern – no government of this sort can legitimately claim to represent the people, regardless of whether it or one of its candidates won an election.

And, for the record, I don’t believe for a moment that Ahmadinejad won the election.  A snowball staying frozen in hell would have a better chance; but the best thing Ahmadinejad could do at the moment is concede.  Frankly, I don’t think he’s either courageous or smart enough to do so – but this movement that’s started in Iran might prove to have more longevity than his own political career otherwise.  (Not that I’m all that hopeful he’ll emerge from any revolution with any kind of political voice.)

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Premier says apology punishment enough after Alberta MLA’s comments

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reedom of speech is often cited by those defending politicians like Alberta MLA Doug Elniski, a Conservative back-bencher who joins a number of his kin on the political right embroiled in scandals sparked by what they said before and now regret.  Conservative apologists complain he and others like him are merely doing what so many other politicians don’t – speak their mind – and it’s led us to a political culture dominated by image, spin doctors and political correctness.  So they say, Liberals are just better at not getting caught.

Speaking as an elector – and not one who, admittedly, tends to vote Liberal – I find this an extremely odd bit of reasoning.  While it’s certainly true that our political leadership has honed its collective expertise at managing appearances over the last several decades, why shouldn’t we hold that leadership responsible for making ignorant remarks when they’re made?  I really believe Conservative voters are understandably frustrated when yet another story of this sort breaks, but the solution isn’t stowing the cameras and microphones when someone like Mr. Elinski screws up.  It’s shining the spotlight on him – and, as Conservatives, making sure that others like him don’t end up representing you in the future if he stumbles and somehow reveals what twisted thoughts are really occupying his mind.  At the very least, such faux pas are “fair game” for the media to report on – for the simple reason Conservatives don’t raise this same complaint when a Liberal makes remarks of a controversial nature. 

Besides, muzzling the media really is more a game for regimes like the theocracy that’s clinging to power in Iran than Canada’s governing political party, isn’t it?

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