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his is the Elite Dangerous sub-site, devoted to content generated by CMDR Trium (me) in-game.  The story is set in the Elite universe (or Elite Dangerous universe) in the year 3304 A.D.  Mankind has enjoyed the benefits of having FTL (faster-than-light) or FSD (frame-shift drive) engines to power its spaceships into a mode of colonization and exploration for over 100 years when “hyperspace” technology became viable for small and intermediate commercial enterprise to harness.  (Between 2200 and 2800, hyperspace was exclusively available to the military and only afterward, gradually, less affluent commercial organizations gained access as they physics of FSD became better understood and technology improved.)  Thus the historical timeline is summarized as follows:

“The 22nd century saw early pioneering projects begin to take shape. The discovery of a workable hyperspace theory and the design of the first unreliable, inefficient and slow ‘faster than light’ drive (compared to those we are used to in 3300) opened the possibility of exploration and settlement. A new frontier of science and engineering opened, confirmed by the first detailed messages and system scans to be received back to Earth from an interstellar probe sent to the Tau Ceti system years earlier. This led to a corporate race-for-the-stars as massive colony projects were founded, funded, built and launched, together with hundreds of automated probes sent to all the nearby systems.”

—— “History: Early Hyperspace“, The Elite Wiki (Wikia),
content acquired: 01-Feb-2018.

The following sections can be herein:

videoFlightData (Temporary?) VFL Database | When VFL data is generated, it is automatically broadcast live from this site (with some advance warning typically given via Twitter) and then archived here.  Using the “subscribe” feature will advise when there is a live broadcast or when new VFL data has been archived for review.  NOTE: The YouTube host site may change in the future — watch for news on this!
dataLink Video Flight Log (VFL) Data Links | This link provides a UI/UX-neutral view of Video Flight Logs.  The thumbnails are larger and playback can occur on-page without exiting to YouTube.  Additionally, this data is updated immediately following the production of the video on YouTube which hosts all VFL data.
eliteBlog Elite Dangerous Blog Posts | Here, the link to all Elite blog entries (including storylines) are indexed in reverse chronological order.  (i.e. Most recent, first.)  All other WordPress functionality is available as well.

All of these functions are also available by mousing over the “Elite” menu button at the top of the blog interface and selecting the appropriate drop-down item.  (This can provide faster access from elsewhere on the blog site.)  Additional items will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead, such as links to other important Elite sites, transcripts of dialogue within the VFL data, and tips for new CMDRs just getting started playing in the Elite Dangerous universe.

And, as always, stay tuned for news by visiting regularly or by setting yourself up to receive updates.


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